Jerusalem Computer Technician


Laptop Repair: Replace a broken screen, keyboard replacement (water damage or broken keys), charger replacement, and restore files from a hard drive


Desktop Computer Repair: Motherboard installation, installing a network or audio card, operating system and program installation, virus removal, and PSU replacement


Remote Troubleshooting: Many problems can be solved without coming to the customer’s home or bringing the computer to the lab. A quality computer technician can simply “take over” your computer with remote access and solve the problem from afar.


Network Installation: Wireless network set-up, including file and printer sharing


Printer Repair: Replacement of worn rubber bands, repair “dirty print” of extra ink lines, and correct toner detection issues


Maintenance of classrooms and offices, and more...


Service available in your home or office



My name is Shalom. I am a computer technician in Jerusalem for four years, specializing in desktop and laptop computer repair, as well as network set-up. First and foremost, I emphasize reliability and providing accomodating and personal service to meet the specific needs of each of my customers.